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      Europe has long been a continent defined by its divisions, whether east and west, Anglo-Saxon and Latin or those pushing to leave or further integrate the EU. But there was at least one uniting factor across Europe this year, the growth of business education.


      ① integrate [??nt?gre?t] v. 使一体化;使整合 adj. 整体的;完整的;综合的

      例句:These programs will integrate with your existing software. 这些程序将和你的已有软件综合成整体。

      Most surprising has been the UK’s maintenance of its position in the top 25 of the European schools table, despite fears about the impact of Brexit. London Business School, which retained the number one spot, plays in a different league to many British business education providers. But there are also more UK schools in the top 25, with seven British institutions this year, up from six in 2017. France has six schools in the top 25 but 25 in the complete ranking of 95, compared with the UK’s 22.


      There is an irony in that some of the loudest voices of concern about the UK’s exit from the EU have come from within academia and business schools. Although the reasons for UK schools doing relatively well in the past 24 months are complex, they can certainly thank the drop in the value of the pound, making tuition fees relatively cheaper for students from overseas. Concerns about US policies towards foreign students also make the UK a relatively attractive option.


      ② academia [??k??di:mi?] n. 学术界;学术环境

      例句:Britain needs to bridge the technology gap between academia and industry. 英国需要弥合学术界和企业界之间的技术差距。

      Britain has also enjoyed a particular boost from the government’s imposition of an apprenticeship levy, forcing employers with a payroll of more than £3m to put aside an equivalent of 0.5 per cent of their wage bill for staff training. In a classic example of the law of unintended consequences, a large part of this money, which policymakers had assumed would be spent on the training of school-leavers, has been used to send senior executives on part-time MBA and masters level business degree courses.

      另一项对英国尤其有利的政策是政府开征收学徒税(Apprenticeship Levy),迫使年度工资总额超过300万英镑的雇主拿出相当于工资总额0.5%的资金用于员工培训。作为“始料不及后果定律”(law of unintended consequences)的经典案例,政策制定者原本以为这些资金将用于培训中学毕业生,但如今很大一部分被用于送高管上在职MBA和硕士水平商学学位课程。

      ③ payroll [?pe?r??l] n. 工资名单;工薪总额

      例句:We see that already in the monthly payroll data that has been reported. 我们已经在公布的月工资单数据中看到了这一趋势。

      More than 1,400 people will enrol in “levy-friendly” MBA courses this year alone, according to the poll by TES, the Times Educational Supplement. Cranfield School of Management, one of the highest climbers on this year’s European ranking list, up from 30 in 2017 to 17, was among the pioneers of such MBA courses.

      《泰晤士报》教育副刊(TES)的调查显示,仅今年一年就将有1400多人报名参加“学徒税支持的”MBA课程??死挤贫鹿芾硌г?Cranfield School of Management)是此类MBA课程的先驱之一,该校也是今年欧洲排行榜上排名上升最快的商学院之一,从2017年的第30位跃升至第17位。

      Beyond the UK, applications to European business school programmes grew by 3.2 per cent this year, according to the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC), which administers the business school entrance exam.


      European schools are far more reliant on overseas students than their equivalents in other regions. GMAC figures show that 77 per cent of applications to European schools that took part in the survey were from non-native students, compared with 41 per cent for institutions in Asia and 39 per cent to schools in the US.


      ④ equivalent [??kw?v?l?nt] adj. 相等的;相当的;等效的 n. 对等物

      例句:Breathing such polluted air is the equivalent of smoking ten cigarettes a day. 呼吸污染这么严重的空气等于每天抽十支烟。

      Fortunately, this is a growing market, with 63 per cent of European schools in the GMAC survey reporting a growth in international applications. It is widely accepted in business education that a more diverse range of nationalities makes for a better student experience because so much learning is through discussion and group projects, which are enhanced by a range of viewpoints and perspectives.


      Top in Europe: London Business School


      The UK school is top of the composite European ranking for the fifth year running, due to strong performances in the component rankings. LBS had three executive MBAs in the top 20 in this year’s global EMBA table, including two joint degrees with other schools. Its single EMBA has been in the global top 20 since 2015, rising to 14th this year. LBS made history as the first European school to reach number one in the global MBA ranking in 2009 (jointly with the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton school). Its MBA was fourth this year.

      这所英国商学院连续第5年位于欧洲综合排行榜榜首,这得益于其在分项排名中的优异表现。在今年的全球EMBA排行榜上,伦敦商学院有3个EMBA课程进入前20,包括与其他商学院合办的两个学位课程。自2015年以来,该学院独办的EMBA课程一直位居全球前20,今年更是升至第14名。2009年,伦敦商学院(与宾夕法尼亚大学(University of Pennsylvania)沃顿商学院(Wharton)并列)成为首家摘得全球MBA排行榜桂冠的欧洲商学院,创造了历史。伦敦商学院的MBA课程今年排名第4。

      ⑤ component [k?m?p??n?nt] n. 成分;组件;零件 adj. 成分的;组成的;合成的

      例句:Trust is a vital component in any relationship. 在任何关系中,信任都是一个至关重要的因素。

      Top for MBA: Insead


      Insead’s one-year MBA is top of the European schools’ programmes. The French school’s graduates from the class of 2014 had the highest average salary at $177,157. About half of graduates work in consultancy or finance/banking — typically highly paid sectors. Insead was the second European school to take the top spot in the FT Global MBA Ranking in 2016. After Insead came first in that ranking for two years running, Stanford, in the US, snatched first place in 2018.


      Top for executive MBA: HEC Paris


      The French school is second in the composite European ranking for the fifth year in a row. It has been in the top five of the global EMBA ranking since 2006 as part of the joint Trium programme, but this year was also the highest new entrant for its solo EMBA, in sixth place. Its EMBA graduates, from the class of 2015, take home an average salary of $322,043, with a salary increase of about 68 per cent. More than half of alumni hold a range of top-level senior positions.


      ⑥ alumni [??l?mna?] n. 校友;毕业生(alumnus的名词复数)

      例句:A system of alumni address book website is developed. 开发了一个校友通信录系统。

      Top for MiM: St Gallen


      The Swiss school is number one for Masters in Management and has held the top spot for eight years running. Its alumni have the highest income at $108,621, compared with an average of $63,000. About two-thirds of the class of 2015 from the MA in Strategy and International Management work in consultancy, a lucrative field. One graduate said a focus on group assignments helped students prepare for careers in consulting. The international diversity of the class and faculty gives useful experience of working with people from other cultures, one graduate noted.


      ⑦ lucrative [?lu:kr?t?v] adj. 有利可图的;赚钱的;合算的

      例句:Thousands of ex-army officers have found lucrative jobs in private security firms. 数以千计的退伍军官在私营保安公司找到了收入不菲的工作。

      Highest MBA salary increase: Iese


      The salary increase for the Spanish school’s MBA alumni (from the class of 2014) is 126 per cent — with average pay of $148,480. About half of graduates are in highly paid sectors such as finance, banking and consultancy. Iese is the highest-placed Spanish school in this composite European ranking, at number five. It is also top in the global ranking of executive education custom programmes — tailor made short courses — for a fourth year in a row.


      Top for open programmes: IMD Business School


      IMD is top in this year’s global ranking of executive education open programmes -— short, non-degree courses — and has been for seven years. IMD is in the top three in most of the categories based on participants’ feedback, such as course design, teaching methods and materials, plus food and accommodation. The Swiss school has the most international faculty at 98 per cent — way above the average in this composite ranking of 45 per cent.


      High climber: University of Economics, Pragu


      Ranked 60th, the Czech school has leapt 26 places in the European table thanks to a strong performance in the ranking of Masters in Management, the degree for those with little or no previous work experience. The school was ranked 22nd in the global MiM ranking — the highest position it has reached so far. Its alumni had a salary of roughly $68,853 and a wage increase of 52 per cent — just above average out of all schools that featured in this year’s MiM ranking.


      Highest new entrant: Irish Management Institute


      In 76th place, IMI is the highest ranked of four new contenders — narrowly beating Germany’s Tum School of Management. The school’s website boasts that for the 10th consecutive year, IMI is the only Irish business school to be globally ranked in the FT’s table of executive education custom programmes — tailor-made short courses. The school is ranked 61st out of 90 schools. IMI also featured for the first time in the executive education open-enrolment ranking this year, in 78th place.

      爱尔兰管理学院在新上榜的4所学院中排名最高(第76),险胜德国塔姆管理学院(Tum School of Management)。爱尔兰管理学院的官方网站宣称,它连续10年成为爱尔兰唯一登上英国《金融时报》高管教育定制课程(短期定制课程)全球排行榜的商学院。该学院在90所学校中排名第61。爱尔兰管理学院今年还首次登上高管教育开放招生课程排行榜,排在第78位。

      ⑧ contender [k?n?tend?(r)] n. 竞争者;争夺者

      例句:Her trainer said yesterday that she would be a strong contender for a place in Britain's Olympic squad. 她的教练昨天说,她将是英国奥运代表队席位的有力争夺者。

      Scandinavia’s highest climber: Copenhagen Business School


      The Danish school is the highest climber out of six entrants from Scandinavia in the European ranking. Copenhagen Business School jumps 18 places to 33. The school’s rise follows its reappearance in the global EMBA ranking at 57. It also entered the MBA ranking for the first time in 2018. One graduate praised the course’s diverse content: “I wanted a programme focused on personal leadership development, entrepreneurship and CSR. I got all three at CBS.”


      ⑨ entrant [?entr?nt] n. 参赛者;新会员;新生

      例句:All items entered for the competition must be the entrant's own work. 所有参赛作品必须是参赛者本人的作品。

      Gender-balanced faculty: ICN Business School


      In joint 71st place, the French school is the only one to report a 50:50 male/female composition of faculty. Schools that achieve this obtain the highest score in the “female faculty” category in the FT business school rankings. Two other schools come close, at 49 per cent female faculty: the UK’s Henley Business School and Slovenia’s University of Ljubljana Faculty of Economics. The average percentage of female faculty is 36 per cent in this composite table -— slightly higher than the average for the 2018 MBA and EMBA rankings, at a little less than 30 per cent.

      这所法国商学院的排名是并列第71位,是唯一一所男女教师性别比例为1:1的学院。达到这一比例的学?;竦糜⒐督鹑谑北ā飞萄г号判邪瘛芭越淌Α敝副甑淖罡叻?。另外两所学校比例接近,女性教师比例为49%:英国的亨利商学院(Henley Business School)和斯洛文尼亚的卢布尔雅那大学经济学院(University of Ljubljana Faculty of Economics)。在这个综合排行榜的上榜学校中,女教师平均比例为36%,略高于2018年MBA和EMBA排行榜的平均水平(略低于30%)。



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